Mr. Byrne

1. Cover Sheet: All labs must have a simple cover sheet with:

a) Last name, first name in upper right hand corner;
b) Lab number and date lab performed on separate lines under name;
c) Name of school and title of lab on separate lines centered in middle of page;
d) Names of other lab partners on separate lines in lower left of page;
e) Instructor’s name in lower left of page.

2. Body of Report:

3. Lab reports are due seven days after the lab is commenced, unless otherwise noted. Late labs lose credit.

4. Reports must be typed or printed. Each student must hand in his or her own lab report. Lab partners share data and ideas but not identical write-ups.

5. Every student must have his or her own copy of lab data. If you are absent for any part of a lab, arrange to come on your own time to complete the lab.